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How We Started Building Bad Ass Homes.

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Brian Burns is the Founder of Bad Ass Homes. He gave the company this name because, like his homes, he wanted his company to stand out from the rest. Martial arts, fishing, hunting, and golf are hobbies but his biggest hobby is building beautiful, original homes. He’s a partner in Blue Sky Construction and a partner with Downtown Murfreesboro. As a graduate of MTSU and a 35 year resident of Murfreesboro, he takes a lot of pride in making our town a beautiful place to live.

Bad Ass Homes has 25 years of experience building homes that don’t look like every other house in this city.  We take the time to make original and unique homes.  We’re so badass we’ve built over 2000 of them.

To get a free estimate on your home, please call us at 615-405-5647.

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